“Working with Alex changed our life!!!!! We had so many goals, so many dreams, so many visions but had no idea how to manifest them!!


 We met up with Alex in person on the Gold Coast and we’re absolutely drawn to her vibrant energy and positivity. She was the missing piece we needed.


 She helped us shift from 30k months to 100k months.


 She helped us work on blocks we had with money, business, mindset, self confidence, marketing - EVERYTHING! 


 She showed us how to level up to a level we had no idea we could even achieve! Huge shout out to Alex! If your thinking of working with her, I wouldn’t think twice!”


 - Brent & Molly

The Lifestyle Hustlers

In the period of time I’ve been working with Alex, I’ve built an online business with that flourished past 6 figures within the first 6 months! This then allowed me to leave my full-time corporate job. 


I've since I started speaking all around Australia, selling out events across Australia.


I am literally living my dreams right now as a result of the work that I've implemented with her guidance.


- Alan Howle

Marketing & Business Coach,

Speaker & Founder of ‘Triple Effect

When I started working with Alex 12 months ago, I never would have dreamed to have achieved and be achieving the things I am now. The tools and lessons that I have learnt and implemented have turned me into the most magical and powerful version of myself. 

I have achieved flow state in so many areas of my life, my business has exploded beyond what I am able to handle, I have a 3 month waiting list of people wanting to work with me, I have attracted so much love into my life, I have so much confidence, so much magic, my whole life is just LIT!!! Everyone around me has noticed. 


 I feel really sorry for the version of myself who decided to not invest in working with Alex and to keep working it all out for himself.


Thank you so much you magical fucking sorcerer Queen!! Forever grateful.


- Sean Collyns

Medium & Spiritual Teacher